Here are some of the projects I’ve been developing in my spare time. See my github account for more.

Fast Concurrent Memoization Map (Fcmm)

An almost lock-free concurrent hashmap written in C++11 to be used for memoization in concurrent environments. It provides a limited set of functionalities, but outperforms Intel’s tbb::concurrent_hash_map on some benchmarks.


A free and open-source application that allows you to encrypt and decrypt plain text messages using the AES cipher.


MineCrisis is a 3D action game. The player controls a spaceship; the aim of the game is to reach all the checkpoints of the map within the remaining time, preventing the spaceship from being destroyed by the mines and the shots of the automatic turrets.


C++Memo is a generic framework for memoization, providing automatic parallelization. It aims to be a tool for rapid prototyping of software components implementing dynamic programming algorithms or requiring memoization.

Ruzzle Solver PRO

Ruzzle Solver PRO is an offline solver (aka cheater) for Ruzzle puzzles. It aims to be usable, fast, and easy to extend and improve for both users and developers thanks to a sensible and modular design. It allows you to add, replace, or update the dictionaries and the score tables, thus supporting an arbitrary number of languages.